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Yugoslavia - Mulo, Tenatz, Vlkodlak, Vukodlak

In 1725, villagers of Kisilovo in the Vojvodina region of Serbia reported that Peter Plogojowitz had returned from the grave - the Austrian government report on this incident used the word 'vampire' for the first time.

The French version of the word 'vampyre' was introduced into the language seven years later when Arnold Paole was blamed for dozens of deaths of people and cattle around the town of Medvegia, Serbia. He was apparently bitten by a vampire while fighting on the Turkish front in Kosovo. The detailed description of his corpse being dug up (with growing hair, flesh complexion and fresh blood evident) as well as his dramatic staking became one of the best selling government reports ever.

Mulo: A Mulo is a dead gypsy who wears white and is active all day and night. It will boil the women it wants and fillet them. To dispatch it call in a Dhampir (a vampire's degenerate son) who will defeat it in combat.

Tenatz: A living vampire of sorts, also see Montenegro - Tenatz, otherwise still under research.

Vlkodlak: A Serbian Vlkodlak looks drunk, is over 20 years old and can only be undead for 7 years, then having to repeat the process elsewhere. It causes eclipses and can be killed by piercing its navel with a hawthorn branch and setting it on fire with vigil candles.

Vukodlak: The Montenegrin Vukodlak can turn into a wolf and only goes out in the full moon. Crows will not go near its tomb. The supposed translation is 'wolf - hair'.

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