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Slovenia - Kresnik, Krsnik Kruvnik, Kudlak, Pijavica, Strigon Volkodlak, Vukodlak

Kresnik (Possibly also known as Kresnek, and Kruvnik): Appears to be a kind of vampire hunter, which was the bitter enemy of the Kudlak. The root of the word is krat, meaning a cross, helping to show that the Kresnik was a force for good. Still requires further research.

Krsnik: Found to be a good vampire that was an enemy of the Kudlak, and it's attacks. Also see Kresnik. Requires further research.

Kruvnik: Under construction.

Kudlak: It appears to be a shortened (slang) version of Volkodlak and similar names vampire like creatures, otherwise still under research.

Pijavica (also known as Pijawica): A Slovenian vampire. It is created as a result of evils perpetrated during a person's mortal life, particularly incest, which is guaranteed to cause ones, return as a member of the un-dead. It generally feeds on relatives or descendants. Otherwise under research still.

Strigon: A bloodsucking witch. The term probably was derived from the Latin 'striga' {meaning witch}.

Volkodlak: A Slovenian Volkodlak looks drunk, is over 20 years old and can only be undead for 7 years, then having to repeat the process elsewhere. It causes eclipses and can be killed by piercing its navel with a hawthorn branch and setting it on fire with vigil candles.

Vukodlak: Translates to 'wolf-hair'. Still under research.

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