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Albania - Gjakpirës, Kukudhi, Kukuthi, Lugat, Sampiro, Shtriga

Gjakpirës: Still under research.

Kukudhi: Reportedly the final stages of development in a vampire. The Kukudhi could live at home during the day, no longer required to return to its grave, and is even thought to have traveled as a merchant. Further research required.

Kukuthi: Besides the normal use of a stake, hamstringing is also considered useful in the case of Kukuthi. From further research it seems that Kukuthi and Lugat may be interchangeable terms. Further research required.

Lugat: The Lugat does not kill its victims; it will only feed briefly on the victim and, as such, is relatively harmless. In this myth, unfortunate Albanians of Turkish descent will turn into a vampire upon death, driven to go out at night in a shroud and high heel shoes to spread death and destruction. A will-o'-the-wisp will indicate where the tomb lies. Like the rest of Eastern Europe, these legends were reported more frequently after the 16th Century - the Eastern Orthodoxy's flexible position on superstition seems to be a major cause for the myth's increase in popularity. Possibly also known as Liougat, Liouvgat, Liugat, and Ljugat.

Sampiro: Albanians of Turkish descent were said turn into vampires upon death. They were driven to go out at night in a shroud and high heel shoes to spread death and destruction. A stake through the heart is the preferred method of dispatching the creature. From the looks of it, Sampiro is just another name for Lugat, but still under research.

Shtriga: A vampire like witch. It was said to be similar to the Strigoi of Romania.

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