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Haiti - Loogaroo

Loogaroo: This West Indian vampire is said to go to a 'Devil Tree' each night and remove its skin. It then flies off in search of its victims, in the form of a sulfurous ball.

Hungary - Farkaskoldus, Lidérc, Luderc, Nora, Oupire, Pamgri

Farkaskoldus: Characteristics: when dying it takes on the aspect of a werewolf. Also possibly seen as Farkaskoldaus, and Farkaskoltus.

Lidérc: Also seen as Liderc, and Liderc nadaly. This vampire-like being was similar in behavior to the Incubus or Succubus in that it could kill victims by 'loving them to death' (i.e. exhaustion through sexual activity). May be an offshoot of Luderc.

Luderc: Also known as Ludverc. A burning shaft, or star, which travels by flight. It enters a house by use of the chimney. It will take on the appearance of a dead marriage partner of the victim and sleep with him or her. The victim then ends up looking pale and drained, and is quite lethargic. To get rid of the creature you must exorcise them by use of magic.

Nora (possibly also known as Nore): This unusual creature was 'invisible', a sprite or an imp, was humanoid in appearance, but was also very small, bald and ran on all fours. This vampire-creature attacked the breasts of women who were irreverent or known to be immoral and would make them swell painfully. The remedy for this ailment was to cover the affected breasts in Garlic and thus prevent the Nora from 'attacking' again. The result of this creature's attack is more likely an explanation for a sexually transmitted disease or other illnesses caught through prostitution at the time.

Oupire: Under research.

Pamgri: Listed in many books on the history of vampires, but requires further study.

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