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Germany - Alp, Bluatsauger, Dockele, Doppelsauger, Gierach, Gierrach, Girrach, Nachtzehrer, Zwiesauger

Alp: This creature is similar in behavior to the 'Incubus' as its victims are generally women, which it attacks at night, drinking milk from their nipples and causing them to have horrible nightmares, although it will also drink blood from the nipples of men and young children. The Alp is generally believed to be a demon, although there are accounts in which they occur as spirits of recently deceased relations. There are also instances which state that children may become an Alp if the mother suffers a long and painful childbirth and is forced to use a horse collar to ease the pain. It can also appear in animal form, linking it with some werewolf myths, can fly like a bird and, like the 'Mara', will ride a horse to exhaustion. Somewhat comically, the Alp is said to wear a hat in almost all of its manifestations. A butterfly called Alp sometimes came out if its mouth. Put a lemon in the vampire's mouth to stop its activity. Reportedly because it is so involved in terrors of the mind, and sleep the Alp is virtually impossible to kill. There is a possibility that the Alp was also known as the Alb and/or the Alf, according to "Handwörterbuch des deutschen Aberglaubes", but further research is needed. The following names have also been used, Alpen and Alpmann, but I think they are more of an offshoot of Alp since they are described more as Incubi (in looks and actions). It is still in need of research but worth mentioning.

Bluatsauger (possibly also seen as Blautsauger, Blutsauger, and Blut-Aussauger): The Bluatsauger is a hairy vampire with no skeleton, but has large eyes. It can turn into a rat or a wolf (preferred wolf form). The creature hid dirt from its tomb behind its back in an attempt to get people to eat dirt from its tomb so they'll become vampires also. Scattering hawthorn flowers along the road from its home to the tomb will slow it down. Also see Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Dockele (possibly also known as Dockeli): An Alp like creature in the form of a cat that sucks blood.

Doppelsauger (possibly also known as Dubbelsüger): Its name means "doublesucker." This is another 'breast-obsessed' vampire (of which there are many in Europe) and is documented in northern regions of Germany. The Doppelsauger will leech the life from its living relatives by attacking them and eating their breasts. It was believed that these vampires were caused by a mother allowing her child to again drink milk from her breast even though it had been weaned onto solid food: this child would then become a Doppelsauger after its eventual death.

Gierach /Gierrach /Girrach: Possibly differing regional spelling. Each is described to be similar to the Nachzehrer (see below). Possibly also known as Givach, in Prussia.

Nachtzeher (also known as Begierig, Neuntöter {killer of nine}, Nachzehrer, or Nachttoter {night killer}): Translation to 'nightwaste'. A child born with an amniotic membrane over their head (cauls) or anyone who dies by drowning becomes a Nachtzehrer. It lies in its tomb with its left eye open, gnaws upon its shroud or itself and grunts like a pig. It causes plagues (and also ties cow's tails together). This revenant creature was believed to cause the death of its victims through its own psychic abilities. Whilst still in the grave it would devour its own burial shroud and flesh causing its family and relations to slowly waste away. The Nachtzehrer is traditionally found in times of plague epidemics and is believe to carry the pestilence about its person as it is covered in sores and stinks of decay. It was thought that if you were buried with your name still attached to your burial clothing you might become a vampire such as this. To deal with it, shove something in its mouth (such as a stone or a coin to stop it from chewing), one can also put a lump of earth under its chin or bind its jaws together with linen or chop the head off with an executioner's axe. Garlic will keep this one at bay. Minister Georg Röhrer reported these creatures in detail to none other than Martin Luther. The Neuntöter from Pomerania is similar to the Nachzehrer, but must be decapitated between 11pm and midnight after it was forced to eat the ashes of a burnt silver spoon. There is the possibility that this creature had been called Begierig in some locations, but mostly isolated reports are seen.

Zwiesauger: Due to its translation, among other things, I believe that it is just another name for Doppelsauger. Requires further research.

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