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Vampire. One word that can send shivers up the spine of any "normal" person. The word hints at an exciting and exotic world full of intrigue and danger. Elegant figures moving through the night towards exotic, forbidden pleasures and deadly games. A lonely man or woman, ancient, vulnerable, only able to go out at night. A secret society where one must die in order to become a member.

The thought seems to draw in so many of our young. Adolescents who feel that they are all alone in the world. Who believe that no one can ever understand the tortured angst that they feel day in and day out. There is something more in their lives, they feel, there has to be. Some secret in their soul filled with darkness and despair. How frustrating it can be trying to tell these teens that they are not alone. That even their parents went through the same feelings. That these desires will cease.

After all, it isn't what a real vampire is. The truth is a lot less exciting. A lot less sensational. They're not elegantly dressed figures who roam about dark streets at night looking for an unsuspecting victim to feast upon. Most vampires aren't rich. They don't rise from the dead night after night to murder and feast upon the blood of innocents. They ARE teachers, lawyers, waiters, the guy behind the counter at Taco Bell. You may see them on the bus, in the mall, on the beach. They take up approximately 10% of the entire human population and they look like anyone else. So, what's the deal?

Vampires need something that everyone produces. It's called "pranic energy" or "life energy" and is found in many sources. Vampires do have their own pranic energy mind you, but they don't produce the same amount that "normal humans" do. And, in order to lead happy and healthy lives, they need to obtain it in different ways.

There are two basic types of vampire: Psychic Vampire and Sanguinarian Vampire. Both usually take energy in a different way. Psychic Vampires are sometimes called "Energy Vampires" because they draw the energy psychically from people, animals, plants, and the environment. Sang Vampires are often referred to as "Blood Vampires" because they take pranic energy in its purist form--the blood! Generally they only need a drop or two to satiate them.

You know what I find to be strange? If you get a bunch of vampires together and ask them, "If you could take away the vampire part would you?" some would say yes, but most would say no. Even though there are all these things that are a part of being a vampire that are trying and difficult it's still a part of the person. Most of them would probably tell you that it's unfair that they need to get this energy from an outside source. Most would probably complain about it ( especially if they haven't received any recently…a problem for many sangs). But still, they wouldn't give it up. But, that's another discussion all together.