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"...a psychic vampire is not a blood drinker who knows what you're thinking or what the future holds in store." --Konstantinos, VAMPIRES: The Occult Truth

What Psychic Vampires Are

Psychic Vampires (aka. Psi Vamires, Psy Vampires, Energy Vampires, etc. Here we'll call them psis for ease) are people who draw in pranic energy (aka. Life Energy, Life Force, Chi, etc.) by seemingly psychic means. This energy comes to them through their environment and those who are within it. This means people, animals, plants, and ley lines* as well as various parts of nature. Some psis will report that the energy of the desert, the ocean, and the forest is notably different. This may be because of the forms of life in each or something else which I do not have the name of.

Before a psi gains control of their feeding* they sometimes will report that their friends and family find them "exhausting" to be around but might not have a "reasonable" explanation for this. This is because psis will sometimes feed instinctively and uncontrollably if their bodies are lacking in the energy they need. This isn't the same as a "pick me up" or a cup of coffee. Pranic Energy is actually seen by the body as a source of nutrition. Psis who don't feed regularly will sometimes be obese. This is because they are instinctively taking the energy they need from physical food. Although meats and veggies have some pranic energy left in them, it's not really enough. To get a decent source one has to eat a lot! They also report feeling tired a lot. Their bodies are trying to naturally produce the amounts of pranic energy needed and that means sleep.


A psi who has control over their feedings is usually happy, healthy, and has good relations with friends and family (now that he/she is no longer drawing their energy!). Psychic vampires are inherently good at energy manipulation. And it is this manipulation of energy that allows them control over their feedings. Another thing that helps is their ability to somehow sense (often referred to as "tasting" another's energy. If it is positive, negative, neutral, will mix well with their own, even if the person has a lot or a little. It's described as being almost a physical taste but somehow different. Mere words cannot describe it well. But how do they feed?

For someone who can see energy fields, spirits, and auras, it would almost appear as if tentacles (an almost indigo color) come from the psi's hands, stomach, or third eye* area. Someone who is sensitive to the feel of auras reported a psychic vampire as having "an almost sunking feeling to it {the aura}. Almost reminiscent to a sink hole." Psis often will visualize those same tentacles when they draw energy directly from something. However, energy isn't always drawn directly from a person, plant, etc. As a matter of fact, most psis will draw energy that has already been given off from another. This is great when in a movie theater because everyone is throwing their energy out as they watch. Clubs are also another great source for this as is sex. When emotions are stirred in a person they also will throw their energy out. For this, many psis will stir emotions in others so that this energy is thrown at them. It makes it easier to draw.

Many psis will have an unusually high amount of charisma (their pheromones are unusually high) when they need to feed or are "hungry"*. This is a biological and natural response that their bodies are making because of their need to feed. Also, when a psi is hungry they will sometimes dress outlandish or do outlandish things for the extra energy.


No one is sure where psychic vampires come from or why some people are born that way. The same can be said for Sang Vamps as well. There are theories and stories abound though. My favorite is that it's genetic. That we are born that way because of genes that our parents have passed down to us. My sister, mother, and grandmother all are psychic vampires (my sister and I are the only ones who know it though). I'm not sure if anyone else in my family are also. I do know that I'm not the only one to say such things either.

About 2 years ago I was talking tiwh a man who said he was a scientist. He said that he once was working on a project to determine if vampirism exixted and then to see if it was genetic. The lost funding though before much work was done. He said, "it was because our methods were considered inhumane. But, if we find a more humane way of testing then maybe we can begin again." I don't know how true this all is, but, it sure is interesting. I wonder just what it was that they did that was "inhumane". I've lost contact with him though so I can't ask.


There are a few psis who are what a friend of mine calls, "Psi Hunters ". Basically, they are the psychic vampire version of Blade! These are psi vamps who instead of drawing energy from people or the environment, they draw it from other vampires. I have heard only one report (from a usually reputable source) of a man who was put into the hospital because of one of these hunters.

Meeting a hunter IRL is very rare. They make up about (maybe) 1% of the Vampire population. I know about them because I kind of met one-ONCE! I was out with some friends at a local coffee house when I began to feel dizzy and nauseous. I first thought that I ate some bad food until a friend of mine noticed a "shift" in my aura. It was then that I realized that someone was drawing energy from me. It was their own energy which was making me sick when, instinctively, I tried to draw it back. I put my shields way way up and pretended like everything was fine. After we left I allowed myself to freak out.

I don't know who this person was but I do know what had happened. I found out later on that my friends felt their energy "tested" by someone but thought nothing of it. I remember something like what they described and I too didn't think much of it. I don't know why I didn't notice my energy being drawn but I do know why I got sick.

From what I've learned, a Psi Hunter's energy is almost like a type of poison or something to a normal Psychic Vampire. The only way I know how to get rid of the sick feeling is to eat something. It seemed the more I ate the better I felt. I have NO idea why this is. If you are a psychic vampire (and probably even if you are a sang) then you should stay away from a Psi Hunter if you ever come across one. Shield yourself and leave if you can. Also, it's probably a good idea not to call these people vampires to their faces. I understand that that just really pisses them off!


If a psychic vampire isn't careful they can harm the others. Loved ones can be especially in danger. Remember how I said that a psi who doesn't have control over their feedings will sometimes have family and friends who get exhausted when they are around? Well, when a person's energy is drawn on a regular basis, it can lower their immune system. That means that they can get sick more easily. That's in addition to the psychological effects being drawn off of too much can do. I haven't personally met anyone who can actually kill someone by drawing their energy, I don't even think it is theoretically possible.

As a rule, psi vamps shouldn't/don't feed off of the elderly, sick, or children. The main reason is because these people really need their energy to heal. And what little energy they do have is easier to be drained then a healthy adult's.

There are other dangers. Often times, a non-vampire wants to be a vampire. It has to do with that need to be different and exotic or something like that. Sometimes they don't really like it when they realize that no one will "embrace", "turn", or in any other way make them one. Even though this is simply because there is no such thing…vampires are just born vampires. That's not enough for some though. Their solution: do what the vampires do. This is a very dangerous practice. For a psychic vampire the absorption of energy from others and the environment is a livelihood. Without it they can become extremely ill and depressed. But, when a non-vampire starts drawing energy from others it becomes unhealthy. They can become addicted to the high they get off of the energy. This addiction can cause for them to draw in unhealthy amounts of energy. This in turn can cause them to become dependent on the outside energy because their bodies don't produce the correct amount of pranic energy anymore. The end result is someone who seems to be a psychic vampire but is not. This would seem to ease their problems -- they wanted to be a vampire - but it is actually just the beginning. The energy they draw won't be "digested" the way it is with actual vampires. Think of it like someone who is lactose intolerant trying to drink whole milk loaded with lactose. It won't kill them but it's not healthy either.


I have placed psis into three classifications. There are some who don't agree with these and some who do. I'll just put them here and let you judge for yourself.

Pranic vamp: This type of psi generally draws off of all pranic energy no matter what the "flavor".

Emotional Energy vamp: As the name suggests, this type of vampire draws off of the emotions of others. This can be classified even further as most Emotional vamps tend to prefer a particular type of emotion (or flavor). For instance, one may prefer to draw off of angry people while another would prefer to draw off of another's love.

Cubae: This is not my own term. However, it is used to describe Incubi and Succubae. These are male and female (respectively) psi vamps who drain mainly off of sexual energy. These psi vamps have usually had sexual abuse in their past. They usually take the energy directly from a person while doing what is called Dream Walking. In other words, they invade the dreams of others, seduce them there, and take the energy.


* Feeding: A term used for when a psi draws the energy they need from someone or something. It's not usually used when talking to someone who is a "normal" human mainly because some find it offensive.

* Hungry: The hunger that comes from the need to feed on pranic energy is very close to physical hunger. Some psis cannot tell the difference between the two without concentration.

* Ley Lines: Lines of energy which run across the earth. According to the ancient Druids, ley lines traveled below the surface. Some say though that they run just over the surface as well. You can think of it as a sort of grid that pulses and changes as it sees fit. It is believed that this is the life force of the planet itself. Another term for ley lines is "Dragon lines".

* Third Eye: The middle of the forehead. Associated with psychic activity.