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Disclaimer: The below material may not be suitable for some people. Enchanted Doorway does not promote the drinking of blood in any capacity (be it human or animal). We do not promote blood letting practices as well. We STRONGLY urge the reader to learn more about the medical dangers of blood letting and drinking before you even conceive of doing so yourself.

Sang vampires are people who are born with a need for consuming blood. This need isn't anything that requires a large amount. Generally all that is needed is a few drops to satisfy the urges. The hunger. There are many who will dispute this "need" and say that it is nothing more than a fetish. However, to talk to an actual sang one hears a different tune. Most sangs will start to feel such urges sometime arround puberty. Many times, these people aren't even into the whole vampire/gothic/fetish theme, which is often associated with vampirism. Because of this, these urges are suppressed until they can no longer be contained.

Due to the safety problems involved with consuming blood, sang vampires learn to be extremley careful. Most of the time they will have people called "donors" who willingly donate blood to the vampire. There is a complex and unusually personal relationship between vampire and donor which many "outsiders" would never understand. Also, vampires are not the only ones at risk. The donor can be at risk of infection, being cut too deep, etc. Because of this, biting is rarely ever done. This is mainly due to the fact that the human bite is one of the most dangerous bites in the world as far as infection goes (our mouths are full of infectious bacteria). Not only that, but both donor and vampire are periodically tested for blood diseases, HIV and AIDS naturally being the most common of these tests.

As for the hunger. To hear it described one would imagine it as being close to a physical thirst. A thirst that nothing can satisfy except for blood. When a sang has gone for a period of time without blood (the amount of time depending on the sang) they can appear to become a whole different person. They will become agitated and irritable, especially if there is someone with a cut nearby. One sang once told me that he couldn't be around a person with something as simple as a paper cut without having to clench his fists and walk away.

There are many different types of alternatives to blood that many sangs use. Some of these include eating rare steaks (the more bloody the better. However, Sangs have to make sure that it is cooked enough to kill any germs that can cause illnesses or diseases like salmonella.), and cranberry juice. I thought it was strange too, but it's reputed to work! Many try drinking animal blood but that can be just as dangerous as, if not more so than, human blood.