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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  Ability to afford donations to charities, public or private, and the disposition to do so.  Also, receiving such donations.  Support of children by parents and vice versa in the latter stages of life, with no indication of hardship monetary or emotional.

Unfavorable:  Unfairness in business or career; envy, jealously.  Personal charities or emotional obligations impose a financial hardship.  Greed - the person who takes, but never returns.  Illusion of success.


Favorable:  Journey by water (not so common nowadays, but not impossible).  Passage away from difficulties, but only with the expenditure of more effort.  May also suggest the calm at the eye of the storm, a temporary respite in struggle.

Unfavorable:  Stalemate, unfavorable outcome.  Another reference cites publicity, airing difficulties in the hope of receiving assistance.


Favorable:  This is a card of nostalgia, of the golden summer days of childhood, of memories and reminiscences.  The return into one's life of old friends.  It may also remind one to bear in mind lessons already learned and apply them to present circumstances.

Unfavorable:  There are two, seemingly contradictory meanings for this card; surrounding cards will indicate which is meant.  On the one hand, it speaks of clinging to that which is gone beyond hope of resurrection: a love affair, family or local tradition, outdated methods of work; and of refusal to learn the new.  On the other hand, it may forebode the future, renewal, new acquaintances or love affairs and the pleasure one may derive from them.


Favorable:  The arrival of good news in any field, winning public recognition for one's efforts, celebrating the success of another.

Unfavorable:  The arrival or anticipated arrival of bad news; apprehension, fear.  Indefinite postponement by another of a project.  Also, boasting of one's own successes.sion in legal matters; litigation.