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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  Money, business, barter, but in all cases the card represents not the grand coups of Wall Street that net millions but the slow, steady growth of a small business.  A garden or orchard will not bear fruit until its season, and also the toil of harvest.  Recuperation after illness or injury.  This is a slow, steady card, not a card of instant success - but success is indicated in due time.

Unfavorable:  Impatience.  Cause for anxiety due to exterior factors (drought or excessive rain, a slump in business and the like).  Delay in achieving one's goal.


Favorable:  Plan, design, blueprint for action, all of which should be examined for seen or unseen flaws which may cause them to fail.  Theft, probably without violence such as burglary or fraud:  once again, a certain amount of planning is indicated rather than the action of impulse.  Unstable effort, partial success.  A journey by land.

Unfavorable:  Good advice as from an expert in the field, counsel, instruction; but, on the other hand, the exposure and consequent failure of a plot or conspiracy.  Vacillation, untrustworthiness.


Favorable:  Reveries, daydreams, "if only's," castles in the air which are never reached not built.  Great plans which come to nothing due to inaction.  If there is success it is neither permanent nor real.  This is the card of Don Quixote, and also of the "couch potato" who loses him or herself for hours in the glittering unrealities of the television screen to the exclusion of all other activities or relationships.

Unfavorable:  Desire, will, determination; a project about to reach completion.


Favorable:  In the intellectual fields, wordy strife or competition:  "sound and fury signifying nothing."  In mundane affairs, competition, haggling.  It is, however, a card of eventual success:  one holds the high ground, so to speak, and will be able successfully to defend it.

Unfavorable:  A caution against indecision and against hesitation to move through fear of appearing a fool, or of causing damage to another; a warning against over-sensitivity.  The person whom one fears to hurt may not harbor reciprocal feelings.