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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  Material trouble - destitution, impoverishment, overextension of credit, bankruptcy.  Loneliness - sometimes refers to divorce and crippling alimony, child support; for the supporting parent, non-payment of same.  Unemployment, cessation of benefits.

Unfavorable:  Poverty in material things but riches in spirit, as St. Francis.  Also, love (but probably temporary) and companionship.


Favorable:  Loss due not to the vagaries of fortune but the machinations of another.  Conquest by physical strength.  Spite, slander; defeat.

Unfavorable:  Weakness, either of physical strength or of will.  Otherwise, the same.


Favorable:  A situation which does not live up to expectations, whether it be a job, a relationship (or even marriage), receipt of money, purchase of a "bargain," or any other.  The state is "as advertised" but does not wholly live up to one's hopes.
Unfavorable:  Return of an old friend or lover, reconciliation.  News, new alliances, new affinities.


Favorable:  Imitation of reality, as for instance a battle on stage or in a movie; dramatization of struggles; allowing one's life to become or turning one's life into a soap-opera.  Viewing the world in black and white.

Unfavorable:  Guile and contradiction but also, properly supported, the triumph over these.  Confusion in legal matters; litigation.  Beaurocracy and red tape.