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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  This is a card of material possessions - not to excess, but that which one does have may be dearly guarded.  It may also indicate a love of mundane power, perhaps to inordinate degree. O ne reference suggests physical health, as well.  I do like Waite's suggestion that it may mean, "For a bachelor, pleasant news from a lady."  I've never found it to apply, but I think it's charming.

Unfavorable:  Delay in obtaining material possessions, perhaps the inevitable period between the time one purchases that lottery ticket and publication of the numbers drawn or, less charitably, the period of waiting for an ailing relative to die so one may gain one's inheritance.  Loss, delay, opposition, disorder in one's material affairs.


Favorable:  Solitude, a hermit's retreat from society, exile; rest, enforced idleness, convalescence.

Unfavorable:  Activity, involvement - but since the suit is Swords, circumspection and caution are advised; the healing process is not yet complete, and undue activity might lead to a setback.


Favorable:  Dissatisfaction with the pleasures of the senses, re-evaluation of mundane achievements.  World-weariness, ennui.

Unfavorable:  Novelty, new instruction, new vigor in pursuing one's affairs, new relationships.


Favorable:  Oddly, according to some references, the best card in the Tarot is a pip card, not a Triumph:  its bright meanings are not altered by being placed in an unfavorable position (this also agrees with my experience).  This is the bounty of the harvest home, a perfect haven and refuge, harmony, peace and prosperity "and," Waite adds, "the perfected work of these."

Unfavorable:  Prosperity, increase, bounty, happiness to the point of bliss.