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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  Joy, gaiety; laughter, song and dance.  Juggling two things at the same time, especially things generating income (that second job, perhaps, or having to be a working single parent); but the card may also apply to such things as relationships.  A frequent meaning is messages, particularly in writing: letters, magazine or newspaper articles and books which may have some personal relevance.  Interpretation of written or oral materials.  Some references suggest movement and physical energy.

Unfavorable:  Too many projects at the same time; scattering of attention, wasteful dispersal of energies.  Literal translation as opposed to interpretation.  Unwillingness to apply one's self.  Simulated enjoyment, forced gaiety.  I have frequently found both the unfavorable and favorable meanings of this card to refer to actors or other performers who must appear before the public even when physically or emotionally indisposed to do so.


Favorable:  Contending forces in balance:  truce or cease-fire.  There is no suggestion of lasting peace; effort is required to maintain this equipoise:  if left unattended, it will fail.  Stalemate, indecision, inability to progress.

Unfavorable:  Balance disturbed: the cease-fire is broken.  Tension released with the beneficence of a snapping cable.  A decision made may have unfortunate consequences.  Some references suggest disloyalty, two-faced behavior.


Favorable:  Love, especially Platonic love which is more emotional and spiritual than physical:  one's soul-mate.  Friendship, harmony.  Marriage, perhaps later in life.  Joint efforts in magical or spiritual affairs.  More often than not, I have found this card in spreads for partners in couples where physical attraction, emotional, and spiritual love are harmoniously balanced.

Unfavorable:  False love or love for the wrong reasons; divorce.  Passion which interferes with judgment.  Sex without emotional or financial commitment:  a one-night stand; prostitution.


Favorable:  Interest in intellectual pursuits with the strong suggestion that these will bring at least enough wealth to live on.  Influence over others, leadership.  The movement or dissemination of ideas.

Unfavorable:  Disinterest in matters intellectual; desertion of a project.  Ineffectual nit-picking; too much concern with method and not enough with the final product.  Domination by others.  Procrastination: I  have frequently seen this card in spreads for students who habitually leave their homework until the last minute and then slap together something plausible in hopes it will fool the teacher.