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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  This is the card of the artisan, the artist, the master of his or her craft.  Construction, increase in recompense, acclaim.  Indication that projects begun will reach completion as nearly perfect as may be achieved.

Unfavorable:  Mediocrity, pettiness, the co-worker who must pull everyone else down to his or her own level in order to shine.  In this sense, it may also indicate jealousy of another's achievements.


Favorable:  Absence, removal, delay of reunion, contested divorce which may be hard on children.  Before the melodrama gets too affecting, however, it should be noted that the card may indicate something as prosaic as a trip on business or pleasure which causes temporary separation.

Unfavorable:  Confusion, loss, sorrow.  Frequently with unfavorable cards, however, the ill omen of the card itself is mitigated by its unfavorable position, indicating a lessening of its influence.


Favorable:  A matter may be concluded in plenty; joy, prosperity, increase of happiness.  In some layouts, solace and healing may also be indicated.

Unfavorable:  Excessive devotion to the pleasures of the senses, including (if properly reinforced) satyriasis and nymphomania.  It may also, however, indicate speed, swiftness, expedition in bringing a matter to its conclusion - usually successful.


Favorable:  Established reputation in some field, probably intellectual if wands predominate in the reading.  Self-assertion, self-confidence, practicality and the financial rewards thereof.  May be in a position to assist another.

Unfavorable:  Over-reliance on the ideas of others, possible inability to form one's own opinion on a matter.  This is a card of followers, not leaders.  Intellectual dishonesty, though material gain may result even so.