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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  This card deals mainly with family matters of the present reaching into the past: the old homestead, inheritance, genealogy and the like.  It carries the connotations of establishment, solidity, prosperity.  A loving, happy, healthy home.

Unfavorable:  Burglary, robbery, gambling, speculation with monies not properly one's own.  Bankruptcy.  Lack of solidity; a move to a new neighborhood may be imminent.  May also represent a "dysfunctional" family.


Favorable:  Tears, sadness, desolation, misfortune, burdens which may not be shared.  The end of delusion, the death of a dream.  May represent the state of being "in the closet. " Defeat, disruption.

Unfavorable:  Profit, advantage, success, but none of these are permanent.  Power and authority, probably usurped and also impermanent.  A more temperate trend in the weather, but this, too, will not last.


Favorable:  Contentment, happy family life (in the present, as opposed to the past indicated by the ten of Coins); repose of the entire heart, perfection of happiness, of human love and friendship.  Waite also suggests the card may denote the town, village or country inhabited by the Querent.  Although the card deals primarily with emotional fulfillment, there is a sense of physical and material well-being, as well.

Unfavorable:  A family quarrel, failure of a love affair, indignation, domestic violence.  Possible loss of friendship.  Some sources go as far as to suggest betrayal.


Favorable:  Abuse of power whether by a government or by individuals.  Becoming a burden to another, emotional blackmail.  Oppression of the few by the many.  Willful disregard of the safety or happiness of another.

Unfavorable:  Difficulties, intrigues, duplicity.  Resentment, sullenness.  If this card appears when the subject of the reading is a workplace, then the Querent should consider changing jobs.