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Divinitory Meanings of the Tarot by Baird Stafford



Favorable:  Material well-being - enough to live on with some left over.  A house with land enough for at least a garden.  Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, There may be a suggestion that the good things in life will be enjoyed in solitude.

Unfavorable:  A project proves not to work out.  One reference suggests the possible loss of home, but this may amount to no more than late payment of rent or mortgage.  An investment proves worthless or the return is disappointingly small.  A bad loan - surrounding cards will suggest whether the subject defaults, or loses money to another.


Favorable:  Shame, doubt, suspicion, despair: "the dark night of the soul. " Delay, misery, suffering.  Another source suggests the need for indirect action.

Unfavorable:  Imprisonment, actual or mental and emotional; this may represent a battered spouse.  Debasement.


Favorable:  Material desires are wholly fulfilled; traditionally, this is the "wish" card.  Robust health; mental and emotional well-being.  There may be a tendency toward smugness.  Unfavorable: Overindulgence, gourmandizing, "conspicuous consumption.  " Wishes fail or fall short.  Readings may vary, however: alternate suggestions are truth, loyalty, liberty.  Surrounding cards will suggest the correct interpretation.


Favorable:  Defensive strength, with reserves enough to mount a counter-attack. Delaying tactics, bull-headedness . When the subject of the reading is a committee, may signify stalemate leading to adjournment.

Unfavorable:  Obstacles and adversity, but the strength is still present and they can be overcome.  The idleness of one who will not work rather than one who can not work.  Otiosity, laziness and their analogues.