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Dear Reader,

The information on the following pages may or may not be able to be digested by the masses.  I know that I will probably get a lot of BS from others not only because of controversy but also because of secrecy.  Much of the information has never (to my knowledge) been publicized and I don't even know if it should be.  It's not that it's dangerous for others to know this, at least I don't think so.  Just take what you read however you wish to take it.

This material does not belong to any religious doctrine that I know of.  It isn't even considered to be a part of paganism, as I understand it.  It is what is real.  Many probably won't accept that and it's your own right if you don't.  It won't bother me one bit if you decide that what I've placed here isn't real.  I personally don't care.  I don't even know why I'm writing it except for an extremely strange need to do so.  It is as if someone is telling me that it's time.  It's time for this to be told.

Just for the record, this information wasn't researched in the normal methods.  I didn't go around looking for sites, books, and people to teach me what I've included here.  Others whom I've come to know over the years taught some of it to me.  My own guides showed some of it to me.  Some of it is from memories of past lives.  The rest is from a sort of astral traveling.  What I have in my memories is far more detailed then I know how to put into simple words (for the languages here ARE simple).

As I sit here and close my eyes, I see some of those memories being sparked by these words as I write them.  Much of the message is lost in the translation I'm afraid.  But, hopefully I will be able to convey that message as clearly and completely as is possible.  There is some information which is closed to me, though, closed to everyone but a select few I'm afraid.  But, we'll just have to make due without it.

It is important that as you read the information provided here that you not think of Light and Dark as being Good or Evil.  Light and Dark are ways of describing a type of spirit.  Good and Evil are usually either stated as thus or are described as Positive and Negative.

Some of this information may sound a bit like quantum Physics.  I don't know how much so as I'm not a physicist.  Perhaps if you yourself ARE a physicist then you could tell me if it is or isn't.

Blessings to you all!


In the beginning, eons and eons before Earth was even a thought amongst the Gods, there was Chaos.  Chaos eventually began to take on a form, a personality of her own.  The first of the Gods was created.  The creator of realms and of races.  From chaos came the first realm.  It was Neutrality.

As Chaos's Children, the Ancient Ones who lived within this realm, grew they developed some very powerful magick.  They learned about the universe as they knew it, how it ran, and how to control it.  They mastered the mystical and technological arts like no other.  Eventually, this led to some of them becoming the same as Chaos herself was.  The second of the Gods was created and with it came two more realms.

They were that of Light and that of Darkness.  From the realm of Light sprang a race, which today is believed to be the ancestors of angels.  From the realm of darkness came the ancestors of dragons.  As time moved on these people became as Chaos' Children became, and more Gods were created.  With them came more realms and more races.  When a person reached a certain level of mystic knowledge and power (achieved over thousands of lifetimes), and if they are able, they are given a sort of test.  This test is to create and sustain a realm of their own.  Between the realms is something of another kind of realm.  It is called the Void and will be discussed in more detail later.


There began to be too many realms, all was so chaotic that Chaos herself wanted order of some sort.  Thus, THE Council, The High Council, was formed.  The High Council had scholars, some of which are still there today, who categorized the realms into groups.  Each group consisted of 3 realms apiece, their placement was determined by their age.  Neutrality, Light, and Darkness were in the first group and so on.  As more and more realms were created this system was changed.  Today, each group consists of thousands to millions of realms.  (FYI: Earth is in the 3,000 something group…and there are thousands of groups younger)

Now The High Council meets, they debate over the fate of all the realms.  Decisions are met daily which reflect upon the livelihood of billions of races and a thousand times more realms.  A complex network is in place.  To make things easier, each group also has it's own Great Council.  The head of that council sits at the table of the High Council.  That group's council decides matters concerning the realms only within its group.  Occasionally, a realm will have it's own lesser council.


One of the things discussed amongst the group and lesser councils is the coming and going of Armageddon.  Every realm has what we here on Earth have called, "Armageddon."  And, like all those realms, it happens more than once.  As a matter of fact, Armageddon has happened a few times here on Earth already!  There are certain times that an Armageddon is supposed to take place (about every couple thousand years or so) and it is the realm's God(s) who are supposed to make sure all goes as scheduled for that realm.  These can sometimes be waves of destruction or waves of enlightenment.  Which ever it is, the councils decide upon it.

Many feel that the next wave of Armageddon may very well happen within either our lifetime or that of our children.  Originally, it wasn't supposed to take place for another 50 years, but the schedule has been pushed up.  Those of you who are sensitive may have felt the beginnings of it.  But don't be overly alarmed, it's still in the preparation stage…the preliminaries can take as much as 50+ years to complete.  And as for those of you who claim to be trying to bring upon Armageddon, sorry! No one in this realm has been allowed THAT much power...think of it as a security measure decided upon by -- you guessed it -- The High Council.


The only way to get from one realm to another is by either a gate or a portal.  Some realms have as little as one while others have literally thousands!  In some realms, people are able to pass through these realms physically.  While others, like earth, can only be passed through while in spirit form.  That means that if you astral travel you can travel to more than just within the confines of this realm!

The main differences between a gate and a portal is that a) a gate has more than one function while a portal only has the one, and b) gates may be closed by a gatekeeper while portals are almost never closed except in extreme conditions.  I have heard others say that they are a Gatekeeper of (insert magickal belief here) and to be honest I don't know what they are talking about.  They're not talking about this and please don't think that we're talking about them.  For one to actually MEET a real gatekeeper is highly improbable.  Not impossible, just extremely and excruciatingly rare!

Not much can be said about gatekeepers.  It's just that the information is kept very secret and only the gatekeepers themselves would know about it.  They are not their own race (as one would assume), but are made up of almost every race ever created.  They have their own councils and answer only to the Great Council.  Not much more is widely known.  A Key is a person who is a sort of servant to a gatekeeper.  They help to keep gates who are meant to be closed for whatever reason.


In most realms, there is more than one race of beings.  They can have similarities, such as elves and humans.  They can also have extreme differences, such as faeries and griffins.  Earth is rare that it has only one race.  However, even here there are the same racial problems that all these other realms have.  From my understanding, each conquers it in their own way.  Some are deadly and others are not.

Every mystical creature that has been heard of from any culture exists somewhere within the realms.  And there are those who have never been written of here on earth!  Doesn't it make the racial problems we have here seem so petty and ridiculous?


There are certain things that happen to a race as they evolve with their world.  Some of the more obvious are the various stages of enlightenment.  Some are more spiritual and others are technical.  However, some are the same no matter where you go.

The most devastating are the Inquisition periods.  There is usually more than one and they all take on different forms.  On earth we have seen the Inquisition (what we pagans refer to as "The Burning Times") and the Holocaust.  There is also the slavery of one or more races and the abolishment of such slavery.  There are wars between races and religious orders.  However, eventually each realm comes to either one of two fates.  The first is true enlightenment.  A highly spiritually and technologically advanced species unsurpassed by others.  Some have become Gods and some become guides, etc.  The second fate is that of total annihilation.  If a people cannot overcome their racial and spiritual differences, and end their wars, they will destroy themselves and in turn their realm.  Such a failure will cause the God or Goddess who is in charge of that realm to be destroyed.

Do you want to kill God?  Then stop fighting!


Time amongst the different realms is also different.  Part of the creation of a realm is the creation of the time within that realm.  Some move fast, others move slowly, some move fast and slow, etc.  Some…I don't even think I have the capacity to understand them.  One thing is for certain…it's almost never the same.  Almost like a fingerprint!


There is no realm more confusing and awe inspiring as the Void itself.  Even here there is a race of people.  They have no shape that one can discern.  When you see them, you may see darkness within a hooded cloak.  They are called the Children of the Void.

The Children of the Void are one of the few races that can maneuver within the Void.  Time here has no motion at all.  Everything you may know about the physical universe also means nothing.  For example: Lets say you are standing still within the void.  You see an object coming towards you.  From what you can see it is barely moving.  Perhaps it even looks like it is standing still.  The next thing you know it shoots past you at a blinding speed...and it's still not moving at all.  Confused?  So is everyone else!  Unless you are a Child of the Void or know someone who is familiar with it, then I don't suggest visiting there on your travels.  It is very easy to get in and VERY difficult to get out.  No, that is not a challenge.


Almost everyone experiences more than one life.  Some experience many lives before "expiring" while others will go on forever.  The difference seems to be a racial one.  Some races have the ability to experience unlimited lifetimes while others will only experience one.  I don't know what qualifies a race for what though.

Part of the experience of living many incarnations is to experience them in realms other than the one originally born in.  There are some people who you may know whose soul isn't that of a human.  They may be elven, dragon, faerie, griffin, or a host of other races.  They sometimes can even be the combination of races.  It all depends on what you were in your very first life.  For instance, someone who was part elven, part human in his or her first life will forever have a soul (or spiritual essence) which is half elven and half human.  If the person is, for instance, a dragon in this life (not in this realm of course), their soul won't be.