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Divination is often referred to as the art of fortelling the future. Most people see it as game. Something for kicks at parties or carnivals. In truth, divination often used for more deeper, spiritual reasons as well.

Some people will pick a rune or turn over a tarot card to help them prepare to meet the day. Divination tools are often used durring rituals and ceremony as an aid to speaking with the Divine or other spiritual entities. These tools can be a part of every day life or used sparingly, when no other way to answer an important question is available. And when a child is born, quite often the parents will have a natal chart (astrology) drawn for him/her.

When such tools should be used depends on what path you take. Personally, I like to use the runes or the tarot when there's a period of conflict in my life and I'm not too sure where to turn. On occaision I will pull a rune out of its bag to see what the day may possibly hold instore for me. I've never felt that the moon had to be in a certain phase or the planets in certain houses for divination to work it's best. All that's needed is the need, want, and knowledge to find an answer.

A word of caution: As with magick, divination can be abused quite easily. It's more important for a person to think and figure out what to do on their own. Likewise, some symbols are often confusing as they can mean something different to each individual. It's what can make divining so difficult at times and leaves a large room for error.

The following are the subjects we currently have on Divination. I know, there isn't much here. I'm currently accepting articles on divination and other subjects. If you would like to write an article then simply contact me.

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