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The Goddess Is My Midwife
Pregnancy Journal for Kiriana/Keldan

Due March 2005

I've been keeping a journal on livejournal. It's just a journal about my life, my thoughts, and other such stuff. In it I've been writing about my thoughts and feelings on my second pregnancy. You can see the journal here if you want, though some enteries are only able to be viewed if you're on my friends list from when my journal was "friends only". I've unblocked the posts about my pregnancy so you can see them. Below is a list of those entries. I'll try and keep the list updated.

Support 09/16/2004

You Don't Need a Doctor 09/15/2004

No prenatal care? 09/13/2004

Never Had a Shower 09/11/2004

Maternity clothes 09/10/2004

To tell or not to tell 09/07/2004

New Due Date 09/07/2004

Intuition 09/06/2004

Forgiveness 09/06/2004

Facts About Childbirth 09/06/2004

Dreams 09/05/2004

Uassisted Birth 09/04/2004

Something Bothering Me 09/04/2004

I did good today 08/27/2004

I don't think I need to worry so much 08/27/2004

What to eat... 08/26/2004

Veggie girl! 08/20/2004

Surviving Hormones 08/19/2004

Hair Loss 08/15/2004

I HATE TRI-CARE 08/13/2004

Hormones 08/13/2004

Hair Loss 08/12/2004

Orion talks to the baby 07/31/2004

Orion Understands 07/28/2004

Hating Tricare 07/28/2004

Decided on Baby Names 07/25/2004

Sono 07/20/2004

Trying to get a Doctor 07/20/2004

I HATE TRIWEST!!! 07/19/2004

Can I throw up now 07/17/2004

I figured it out! 07/16/2004

I feel so sick!!! 07/15/2004

Told Orion about the baby 07/07/2004

New One Coming 07/05/2004